VoxSkool Community is Empowering People Through Music and Singing

In an increasingly fast-paced and demanding world, mental health issues like low mood, depression, and anxiety have become prevalent concerns affecting individuals from all walks of life. Recognising the healing power of music and the art of singing, VoxSkool Community, a not-for-profit organisation, has emerged as a shining beacon of hope and support for those seeking solace and relief from mental health challenges. With a passionate team of volunteers, VoxSkool Community is dedicated to harnessing the trans~formative magic of music to promote mental health and well~being.

Founding and Vision:

Victoria BeeBee Founder of VoxCommunity

VoxSkool Community was founded several years ago by Professional Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Vocal Coach and Mental Health Advocate, Victoria BeeBee, who saw a gap in conventional approaches to mental health support. She believed passionately that the therapeutic benefits of music and singing had the potential to uplift spirits and create a sense of community and belonging. The organisation’s vision was clear: to create an inclusive space where individuals experiencing low mood, depression, and anxiety could come together to find solace, support, and healing through the power of music.

The Healing Power of Music:

Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions, transcend barriers, and create a profound connection between individuals. Research has consistently shown that music can positively impact mental health by reducing stress, alleviating anxiety and depression, enhancing mood, and promoting a sense of well~being. VoxSkool Community harnessed this knowledge and tailored their programs to utilize the trans~formative effects of music for mental health support.

Supportive Singing Sessions:

At the heart of VoxSkool Community’s approach are their supportive singing sessions, carefully crafted to nurture mental health and wellbeing. Led by dedicated volunteers who possess both musical expertise and a compassionate understanding of mental health challenges, these sessions provide a non-judgmental space for participants to express themselves through music. Individuals with varying levels of musical experience are warmly welcomed, as the focus is on the therapeutic process rather than perfection.

Community of Empathy:

VoxSkool Community’s volunteer team is made up of individuals who genuinely care about the well-being of others and quite often have gone through their own mental health journey. Their empathy, compassion and understanding create an environment where participants feel safe to share their thoughts, emotions, and struggles without fear of judgment. As they come together in song, a sense of camaraderie and mutual support flourishes, fostering lasting connections that extend beyond the singing sessions.

Outreach and Impact:

Beyond their regular singing sessions, VoxSkool Community extends its reach to community outreach programs. They collaborate with local mental health organisations such as Stepping Stones https://www.steppingstonesrecovery.co.uk residential homes, and community centers to spread awareness about the positive effects of music on mental health and also to involve others so they can experience the joys of singing together. Through workshops and performances, VoxSkool Community aims to empower and uplift even more individuals, reaching those who may have otherwise not sought help for their mental health concerns. They have set up many help groups over the years including: Lungs Aloud COPD Group Farnborough, Hedgecroft Residential Home Yateley, Care2Sing Group for Carers and those they care for in Wokingham.

Inspiration Singing Group:

Our latest community project to take off with huge success, originally funded by the NHS Frimley is Inspiration Singing Group based in Crookham Village, Fleet. Please contact us for more information about this amazing friendly group, which meets on Mondays 11am – 12:30pm at The WI Hall Crookham Village in term time. You don’t need to be able to sing, you can just come along and be encouraged by those who care. We provide lyrics and materials and run a kitchen where volunteers make refreshments in the break and some tasty snacks to eat and keep energy levels up. Currently the sessions are FREE, but we are constantly raising funds and applying for grants to keep it going. All you’ll need to to is fill out a referral form or ask your GP to complete one for you: email: info@voxskool.com for a form and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Vox Community Donations Page: We appreciate your kindness and support for this very worthy cause ISG

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More info about our latest project April 2022 – April 2023

Inspiration Singing Group Church Crookham Funded by Innovation NHS Frimley Health

Our story begins with a small seedling of an idea back in 2021 which we pitched to NHS Frimley Health, telling them about previous community music projects we had run for Carers, Housing residents, those living with dementia/Alzheimers, mum and baby groups and The Nepalese community and we wished to run a brand new project with the wonderful prospect of the country opening up again.

We found a few obstacles initially, of trying to find a suitable venue to accommodate several people from our local community, needing extra support after the Covid pandemic.

The government still had not given the go ahead for singing groups to safely sing together again, so our plan B was to try and find an outside ‘Green space’.

We attended an online zoom council meeting called ‘Here For Hart’ and we put the feelers out to wider connections and heard from the folks at Hart Voluntary Action and The Green Garden – and Wala! our plans began to take shape!

In Februaury of 2022, we posted out flyers and information into the community, telling them all about our exciting new project, and inviting people who may be having a struggle or living with low mood/other mental health issues, to fill out a referral form or speak to their GP to help them complete this and send to us. We voiced that this singing/social group would offer help, even though people didn’t need to be able to sing, but rather use it as a platform to help them integrate and recover from the past trauma and the past 2 years during Covid.

Though small and sweet initially, just a few of us kicked off the ‘ISG’ inside the shelter of a poly~tunnel provided by Harts Green Garden and their volunteers helped assist us and the members, also providing a got drink and snack in the break. We covered physical, breathing & vocal exercises and mental health exercises designed to lower blood pressure and release endorphins ~ the smiles grew and grew during the session and the laughter became infectious.

As the weeks went by, new members heard about the ISG group and joined and stayed and then, we moved from the poly~tunnel, to outside under the canopy when the weather got more warm and beautiful.
We saw and watched the garden take shape and flowers bloom and more of us joined over time, we even did our first performance for Harvest festival in September, very well received by the public.

During our summer break, in time for September term, we again promoted ISG and opened it up to new members needing support and we were lucky enough to be able to secure a new venue at The WI Hall Church Crookham, which meant everyone could stay warm and dry during the winter months. We also changed our meet up day from a Friday to a Monday and surprisingly this worked extremely well and members commented on how much it just gives them such a good and uplifting start to their week and for some gets them out of bed and out the door to a safe and inviting place of compassion and caring and fun.

We invited ISG to perform with VoxChoir for one of our Christmas performances at Hartland Village for the local community, which they loved and drew great experiences from people singing along with us and this has really helped to impact people’s confidence and growth in their lives.

The New Year came in and we have spent the last term shaping up our songs and during this past term members have grown in their abilities to interact with one another, giving a positive flow to the running of the group, so where as someone may have sat in the background before and not spoken or interacted, now people were becoming pro-active, doing and getting involved – actually being the drivers rather than the passengers!

We set up a kitchen rota for the break, each week various people helping by making a Tea/Coffee register, collecting contributions into the kitchen kitty of £1 per drink/snacks and working together to organise the making of beverages, setting up and clearing away. Everyone helps and plays their part, even helping to hand out lyrics, give lifts to those less mobile or who don’t drive and volunteering with lifting any music equipment such as speakers or setting/clearing chairs/tables..

The group started with 5 members and we now have 21 thriving members attending every week (less illness etc).

Our plan going forward is to double our numbers, with the goal being to help more of our local people feel part of their community and impact their health and wellness in a hugely positive way, opening their lives to new opportunities and possibilities. We are trying to gain new funding for another year or two and so are applying where we can to hopefully attain this and also accepting kind donations to keep it running and flowing beautifully.

YOU ARE THE VOICE & YOU ARE THE INSPIRATION! ‘ISG Leader -Victoria Beebee Vox Community

ASK US FOR A REFERRAL FORM info@voxskool.com 

Summer Fundraising

This summer 2023 all the volunteers from VoxSkool Community and members of VoxChoir came together with a very impressive flash~mob rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’ and further singing sets up on the lorry, singing for those in need and raising funds in the area of Farnborough Rushmoor. VoxCommunity ran a produce packed stall of scrummy foods, toys and handmade crafts, with a Tombola and Guess the sweets in the jar competition! The stall was packed with happy smiling winning customers!

Testimonials of Transformation:

Participants in VoxSkool Community’s programs have shared touching testimonials of the impact of singing with others on their mental health. Sarah, who struggled with anxiety, says, “The singing sessions gave me a sense of release and joy I hadn’t felt in years. It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders every time I sing with the group.”

Similarly, Eddie, who battles depression, expresses, “VoxSkool Community helped me rediscover my love for music and gave me a sense of purpose, I even now enjoy spending time with others, rather than hiding away indoors.

Jane: The volunteers genuinely care, and that makes all the difference.”

Our VoxCommunity Champs!

VoxSkool Community stands as a remarkable testament to the power of music and singing in promoting mental health and well~being. With the dedication of their passionate volunteers, this not-for-profit organization has created a nurturing community where individuals with low mood, depression, and anxiety find solace and support. As they continue their mission of empowering mental health through music, VoxSkool Community shines as a beacon of hope, compassion, and healing for those in need.

Our Partners:

Hart Voluntary Action, based in Fleet Hampshire – A fantastic community support resource.

“Building a stronger community through voluntary action”