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Celebrating its 12th year of uplifting voices and fostering a family-like atmosphere, VoxChoir in the South East UK continue to provide a warm and welcoming space for music enthusiasts of all backgrounds. As the heart of this initiative, the choir emphasises inclusivity, where participants are encouraged to come as they are, with no singing experience necessary and no auditions required. It’s all about individuals doing something for themselves, finding a safe space to re-connect with fellow Voxies and experience the joy of singing together.

Weekly Singing Sessions and opportunities to perform:

VoxChoir meet weekly in the evenings 7:30 – 9pm at multiple convenient locations across the region. (For info about our charitable day-time singing groups please visit our VoxCommunity page). Whether you’re in Yateley at Monteagle Community Hall on Mondays, Woking at Brookwood Small Hall on Tuesdays, or Fleet at The Key Centre Elvetham Heath on Thursdays, you can find a session that suits your schedule. These gatherings provide a chance to delve into an array of songs that span the decades to current contemporary hits, covering uplifting popular genres like pop, rock, and soul and some traditional singing pieces. We use listen and repeat teaching techniques to learn songs, plus lyrics are available. The choir believes that there’s “music for everyone to enjoy and connect with,” and seasonal favorites are also embraced, making each session diverse and delightful.

At VoxChoir, we really believe in using all of our cognitive senses, to keep our minds and bodies active and engaged throughout the sessions. We don’t choreograph dance steps to go with the singing, but encourage movement for fun if the music moves you! Occasionally one of our professional dance leaders may run through some very basic steps with the group, only for a special flash-mob experience or stage performance, a bit like joining in on holiday with the club rep! Yes, you will laugh and feel the lighter side of life at Vox!

Once you’ve booked your FREE Taster and decided to join us, you’ll be given access to all the downloadable recordings and members benefits, including opportunities to perform all year round for instance at The Harlington Centre Fleet or Camberley Theater, perhaps just turn up to your local Waitrose and surprise the shoppers with a song or two at Christmas time, or sing round the Christmas tree in the frosty winter, with warm coats hats and gloves on and the warmth of the community spirit filling your heart. We have sung at BBC Choir of the year, The Royal Albert Hall, Donkey Derby Farnborough, MoorFest Farnborough, Waitrose Fleet, Yateley and Woking, Elvetham Heath Church Service and Carol Service and many more venues…even at a wedding!

We also enjoy social events and gatherings and have endless opportunities to join in with end of term gatherings, dinners, parties, meet ups and exciting organised outings. Once a year we have our annual Christmas party at a choice venue, where we usually end up singing our faves and dancing the night away with a delicious buffet included! The choir believes that there’s “something for everyone to enjoy,” and seasonal favorites are also embraced, making each session diverse and delightful.

Personalized Approach:

At VoxChoir, every member is cherished and supported on their musical journey. Led by professional and caring VoxChoir leaders with years of experience with people and a vast knowledge of mental health and well-being understanding, participants are known by name, and individual goals are encouraged and nurtured. The emphasis on interaction with one another fosters the forging of new and lasting bonds, creating a sense of community and belonging among all members.

Performances and Charitable Contributions:

VoxChoir provides numerous opportunities for its participants to showcase their talents. Occasionally, all three groups merge, resulting in a harmonious and joyous sound. The choir takes pride in supporting charitable causes and has performed at various charity events. Organizations like Stepping Stones DS, Ocean Stars, Hedgecroft Sheltered Homes for the Elderly, Dementia Awareness and Care Homes, as well as local communities through the not-for-profit organization VoxSkool Community, have all benefited from the choir’s heartfelt performances.

Free Taster Session and Membership Costs:

VoxChoir warmly welcomes newcomers with a complimentary taster session to experience the magic of group singing before committing to membership. Sessions are payed termly in advance with a reasonable fee of £9.00 per session, ensuring accessibility to all who wish to participate, with a view of attending and committing to 1 year minimum of choir as an life stage achievement goal, with a VoxChoir Certificate/Achievement Award with your name on it. Some members have gone on to sing with us for 10 plus years!

As VoxChoir enters its 12th year, it continues to be a beacon of musical joy and camaraderie in the South East UK. With its inclusive approach, diverse repertoire, and dedication to community outreach, VoxChoir uplifts hearts and connects voices, providing an exceptional and fulfilling experience for all who join. For those seeking a safe space to unwind, connect, and explore the wonders of music, VoxChoir remains a cherished choice in the South East UK. To embark on this harmonious journey, anyone interested is encouraged to reach out for a free taster session at info@voxskool.com