“Victoria’s coaching style makes you feel like you’re the friend she’s known for years…

I have just got home from my regular Tuesday evening slot with Victoria. Tuesday evenings are amazing, because they are the time of the week where my confidence is at its peak. That confidence is oozing into my recordings and live performances, and with three albums’ worth of original material, I have a lot to say in my song writing, and in so many different ways. With Victoria’s on-going support and guidance, I know that she is going to get me to the place I want to be.

Tom Shaw, Song Writer and Musician”

“Victoria is a very professional teacher, she understands how to help you realise what you need to do and how to do it.

I am performing on stage and before I took lessons my singing voice was not up to the job. I was advised to take singing lessons at an audition and I’m so glad Victoria has taught me. I am singing with much more confidence and much less effort. It feels good and the crowd responds with more applause and cheers. Without her teaching I know I would still be struggling. I thoroughly recommend anyone seeking voice or singing training to contact her. I’m now working on a CD album of original material and thanks to Victoria I can record vocals in one take.

Trust me she is good!”

Singer/Guitarist and now confident performer Jim Shields

“Our teenage daughter has been receiving vocal coaching from Victoria since summer 2010, and VOXSKOOL! has transformed her performance and her personality! Frankie started with a few lessons on her twelfth birthday and in the first year she has performed solos in the school talent contest and a local charity concert, written and recorded her own song, begun playing the piano and joined the VOXSKOOL Choir. But more than that, her confidence is sky high and she always gets back from singing lessons re-energized by Victoria’s infectious enthusiasm. Victoria makes sure that every pupil finds their own voice and vocal style and encourages them to adapt and experiment with new ideas – including song writing. Victoria is far more than a vocal coach – she’s also a great role model for young people who helps them to reach for the stars.”


“My first lesson with Victoria was something of a revelation for me. As a vocalist with confidence issues I’d been toying with the idea of seeing a vocal coach for a long time and I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet. I was feeling a little daunted before the lesson but Victoria immediately put me at my ease and I was surprised to hear that the difference in my voice was noticeable from the very first session. I’d highly recommend Victoria’s services to anyone who wants to improve their vocal technique – I just wish I’d done it years ago!”

Robin Sankey

“It’s hard to believe that is has only been 5 months since I was blessed to find such a fabulous singing teacher as Victoria. I came with an idea and a list of goals to bring to life my voice and song writing, with a view to performance and recording. I am proud to say that through Victoria’s excellent tuition I have been able to accomplish these and today recorded my first songs in a studio. Victoria works intuitively, knowing when to move you onto the next step, rather than working with a ridgid structure. Victoria is quick to spot any emotional blocks that often appear for Creative Artists. Her nurturing side and wisdom offers her pupils the opportunity to understand and release these, in order to progress. Victoria also gives sound physical exercises that help the body and mind interact to help with singing and general well being. Bee Bee you are fab!”

Lizzy Rosewood

“I really enjoy my vocal lessons with Victoria because she is very caring and boosts my confidence. She has helped me to understand breathing techniques and how to use warm ups for my voice. She is a very good listener and explains things very clearly. Before my lessons I was nervous about singing but now I feel more powerful and have more confidence.”

Sameena aged 11

“Victoria is not only a good teacher but also a great therapist! The lessons I have had with her have improved my confidence with singing as much as they have improved my singing voice. I now understand my vocal range and how to project my voice without damaging my vocal chords.”

Kamran aged 14

“I came across Victoria BeeBee’s website when searching for singing lessons for my 2 children who are often required to perform in school assemblies or concerts and had asked for help with singing. I have been very pleased with the lessons they have had with Victoria. Both Kamran and Sameena have enjoyed the lessons and it is great to see that they have “singing homework” which they can’t wait to get started on. They are learning excellent skills for the future including voice projection, breathing and using their voices like an instrument. They have also developed an insight into themselves as performers and consciously thought about their musical tastes and how to expand these.”

Thanks from Shahana and the Ramsden Family

“I have been working as a proffessional Guitarist and Guitar teacher for the last ten years and first met Victoria BeeBee on a gig that we were on together. I was immensely impressed by her professionalism and the sheer quality of her voice. Over the last three years I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Victoria a number of times. As a guitar tutor I am often asked to recommend other teachers and I have directed many people to Victoria for vocal tuition. With out exception everyone that I have sent her way has been highly impressed with Victoria’s inspirational teaching method and stunning voice. Victoria has a deservedly impressive list of recording and performance credits and she brings this invaluable experience, along with an engaging and energetic style to her lessons. I have seen and heard first hand the results of her work. Several of my Guitar students also study with Victoria and have made great progress, both vocally and in terms of confidence since taking her classes. I unreservedly recommend Victoria BeeBee as a Vocal Tutor.”

Tim Walters BA(Hons) LLCM(TD)

“I’ve only had a few lessons with Victoria and from the first time I felt very at ease to sing and discuss my singing issues with her. It took only couple of moments for her to relax me and pass on to me her upbeat personality and mood. She is always very serious about her teaching methods and changes in my progress are visible straight away. Sometimes you find teachers where it would take ages for progress to be noticed or actually to know how to sing properly, here – Victoria gives all of herself to the student, all 110 % 🙂 and she makes me feel as if I would be on stage and very confident of myself, it gives me a good charge for the rest of the week. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is a beginner or an advanced singer or looking for ways of getting in to music industry, as Victoria’s advice and guidance is priceless. I feel she is not only a good person, but a naturally gifted teacher as well.”


For the singer in you!