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Victoria BeeBee
Victoria BeeBee

Victoria opened VoxSkool in 2006 to teach vocals,  after being persuaded by fans and fellow musicians who admired her singing. She continues to pursue teaching for the sheer love and passion of it. Victoria wanted to put in to practice all the things she had learnt over the years on the real music scene and now offers vocal coaching to students from the age of five upwards to all levels and abilities.

‘I believe in the power of the human voice & would love to coach you on your musical journey, I am patient with lots of experience & a fun & creative personality. I will work with you at your pace to help inspire you & motivate you leaving you buzzing with a feeling of achievement by the end of every vocal sesh!’

Victoria is DBS certified and has 20 year’s experience in the music industry. From her earliest years she ventured out into a solo career, getting signed to a record label as well as studying a Jazz and popular music diploma.

She worked her way up in the music business in London dealing on a daily basis with recording and management, record releases and appearances on TV and radio.  She wrote music for TV, performed session vocals for stars such as Cher, West End Musicals and top producers, and  dealt with the media, fan bases, photo shoots and film shoots, competitions, websites, tours, gigs, festivals, shows, theatres, auditions.
All this alongside performing on world stages with many top selling artists such as superstar violinist Vanessa Mae, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel and 60- 80 piece symphony orchestras across the globe.

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This knowledge is passed on to students encouraging them to fulfill all their musical dreams…

For the singer in you!